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Developing customized Stylus configuration and implementation services to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Our Enterprise Solutions team will work with you to understand your unique workflow content, analytics and reporting requirements. Whether you need support in building a custom solution and integrating it with your existing systems, or you need our team to provide ongoing maintenance and support to maintain optimal performance, MPI’s Enterprise Solutions team is here to help you achieve the advantage you are looking for.

Customized Solutions

Our team provides customized implementation for all MPI Stylus solutions, ensuring the software is fully specified to meet your business needs and integrate with existing firm systems, whether they are proprietary or third-party applications. We also offer customer report and template design services to existing MPI Stylus users to help clients achieve and maintain a robust, institutional quality reporting process and output.

Database Development

MPI’s development team has extensive experience and deep understanding of database architecture and design. Whether you are looking to improve a current database implementation, design a new one or optimize your database’s interaction with MPI Stylus software, our Enterprise Services team can deliver a solution to meet your specific needs.

Automation Services

Manual reporting processes absorb vast amount of resources and still leave your business exposed to the risk of human error. Our team can help you dramatically reduce both the costs and risk of manual reporting by developing an automating your firm’s analysis, reporting and distribution processes.

Investment Process Solutions

The world’s leading financial organizations look to MPI to improve the way they gather, analyze, report and distribute investment information. Whether your firm is looking for ways to improve dynamic analysis and report distribution, regulatory risk management or achieve deeper insights into complex or opaque investment funds hedge funds, private equity funds or fixed income products, MPI investment process solutions can help.

Custom Research

MPI’s entrepreneurial culture and legacy steeped in advanced mathematics, computer science and financial analysis enable us to take on sophisticated and in-depth quantitative research and analysis initiatives on behalf of your business.

Please contact us via email if you would like to discuss with us a custom development project for your organization.