Stylus Pro v10

Version 10 of MPI’s Stylus Pro contains enhancements that enable wealth and investment management organizations to generate more successful investment decisions, design better portfolios, act on the most precise analytics and make reporting quicker and easier.

Stylus Pro V10

V10 provides solutions to practitioners’ top needs and offers powerful tools to help differentiate our clients in today’s crowded markets.

Usability is a key theme in V10, with an intuitive interface for rapid uptake and integration into users’ workflows. Highlights include:

  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Drag-and-Drop Report Design
  • Pre-Built Content Libraries – Charts & tables based on industry best-practices, in addition to Stylus’ renowned unlimited content customization and flexibility
  • Updated Plan Report & Proposal Template – MPI’s plan-level report template offers comprehensive analysis for DC & DB plans, family offices, and multi-manager portfolios, including powerful “current vs. proposed” proposal capabilities

Advancements to MPI’s industry-leading investment analytics in V10:

  • Factor Search – Quickly identify the best set of market factors to analyze any dynamic investment vehicle or portfolio – especially hedge funds – with our proprietary predictive cluster-based searching technique
  • Common and Active Style – MPI’s patent-pending measures provide a quick and powerful way to analyze similarities and differences in investment style and factor exposures across a portfolio, between managers, and/or against a benchmark. Assess diversification within a portfolio, plan lineup, or between managers, as well as the level of active management from a benchmark.
  • cVaR Optimization – Create portfolios with a focus on extreme downside risk considerations with this new optimization feature
  • Enhanced Portfolio Analytics – Evaluate multi-investment portfolios, creating sub-groups for deeper historical risk/return analysis

Analyze. Visualize. Capitalize.

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