MPI Integrator

Aggregate, automate and publish multiple Stylus reports with a single click.

MPI Integrator improves the applications reporting power and flexibility, allowing users to integrate multiple studies from other modules within Stylus Pro and Stylus Server to create more dynamic, insightful and customized reporting of your investment analysis.

With Integrator, users can perform application-wide report aggregation, automation and publication with a single click. This module allows users to update and run multiple Stylus studies simultaneously, saving time and improving reporting efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Improve research and reporting flexibility by integrating analysis from all Stylus modules into a single report.
  • Save time and effort by updating and running multiple studies simultaneously.
  • Reduce risk of manual error by automating the reporting process (with automation optional package).

Key Features

  • Combine charts, tables and memos from any other Stylus module into a single library.
  • Organize and link related studies to ensure report updates are simultaneous.
  • Run institutional-quality Integrator reports with a single click.

Optional Packages

  • Automate the process and perform your research and reporting with a single click. Learn more.

Planning to leverage Integrator’s powerful report aggregation capabilities for the first time?  We recommend you contact someone on our Support Team, who can conduct a complementary review of your plan to ensure optimal efficiency and advise on options for long-term program maintenance and expansion.