MPI offers a wealth of training options to ensure users can accomplish their goals in the software.

Getting Started

New to MPI Stylus Pro? We recommend you start your learning process by visiting our Document Library to read through the Getting Started in MPI Stylus Pro quick guide. This Document Library will also be your key resource for installation instructions, the user manual, and other helpful guides on using the most important features in the application.

On-Demand Videos

Our free library of on-demand videos are the perfect way to learn about software features at your own pace. The library is in ongoing development, so check back often for new videos!

Click here to view the available options!

Free Live Instruction

MPI offers free live instruction web trainings on a regular basis. These range from basic introductions to our software, to more advanced topics. You may attend these trainings as often as you like. Please view our course calendar through the Register For a Class button below to see if any trainings are scheduled at the present time.

Additionally, MPI may be able to offer custom live web trainings (or onsite trainings) to you and your team. For more information, please contact our Client Services Team.

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Custom Web/Live Trainings

If you are looking for a more customized experience suited to your firm’s specific needs, please reach out to us to discuss a program that is right for you. Depending on your firm’s current package subscriptions and/or support and training agreements, you may even be entitled to one or more of these trainings at no cost. Please contact us for more information on custom training options.

MPI Training and Webcasts

2018 (London time)

27 Introduction to User-Level Interface, 2:00 PM
28 MPI Stylus Pro New User Training, 2:00 PM
29 Manager Searching & Screening in MPI Prospector, 11:00 AM

03 Introduction to Allocator, 2:00 PM
04 MPI Stylus Pro New User Training, 2:00 PM
11 MPI Stylus Pro New User Training, 11:00 AM
12 Manager Searching and Screening in Prospector, 2:00 PM
17 Introduction to Allocator, 11:00 AM
18 MPI Stylus Pro New User Training, 2:00 PM
24 Introduction to ULI, 2:00 PM
25 MPI Stylus Pro New User Training, 2:00 PM
26 Manager Searching and Screening in Prospector, 11:00 AM