MPI Stylus Pro 11.6

Stylus Pro 11.6 continues our focus on advanced portfolio analysis and construction through the introduction of Risk Parity portfolio capabilities. We’ve also continued to expand our visualization offerings with donut charts, and introduced some new quality of life features (and Windows 64-bit capability).

Update to Stylus Pro 11.6

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MPI Stylus 11.6 32-bit | MPI Stylus 11.6 64-bit*

*64-bit users should review the end of our FAQ for important information about database connectivity driver updates.

Release Date:
April 7 2021

Key References:

User Manual (located in the Document Library)

Release Notes

Sample Studies

Risk Parity Portfolio Modeling in Allocator

Use a variety of risk options (i.e. standard deviation, CVaR, downside risk) to create risk-budgeted portfolios. You can lever the new portfolios against any asset, and assess them against other portfolios or efficient frontiers throughout Allocator.

View the User Guide online


Donut Charts

Our new donut chart capabilities, which offer a new take on pie charts, join other recent additions (such as radar charts) to ensure that you have access to a full range of industry data visualizations.


Usability Features

A quick look at a few usability features that can improve your day-to-day experience in MPI Stylus Pro



Frequently asked questions about our 11.6 release.

1. Should I use the 32-bit or 64-bit version of MPI Stylus Pro 11.6?

Please download and install the version that matches your Windows environment. To determine which environment you are running, please refer to the instructions at the following link: Determine your Windows environment

2. I installed or upgraded to the 64-bit version of MPI Stylus Pro and am experiencing database connection issues. Is this issue related?

Possibly. Historically, MPI has used the Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB driver for MPI-supplied Access databases. (Clients who have configured their own proprietary databases in Configurator have selected the appropriate driver during the installation and configuration process.) For clients now upgrading to the 64-bit version, actions are required for certain database types to maintain connectivity. This is due to existing 32-bit drivers not being compatible with the 64-bit Stylus Pro installation.

To fix this issue, please do the following:

For MPI-supplied Access Databases

You will need to download the MS Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider driver if you do not have it. (It is installed with MS Office 2010 or later). You can download this driver here, and then follow the installation and setup instructions listed below.

Client-side Proprietary Databases

For other database types, please ensure you have the necessary 64-bit version of the OLE DB Provider driver to connect to your data source. Unless this driver has the same precise name as the prior driver, you will have to update it in Configurator.

Installing the New Drivers in MPI Stylus Pro

To change your driver, please do the following:

  1. 1. Download the appropriate new driver.
  2. 2. In MPI Stylus Pro, select File-> Configure in the main menu.
  3. 3. In the list menu on the lefthand side, expand the ‘Databases’ option.
  4. 4. In the expanded list, expand ‘Manager Series’ (or whichever list contains your affected database.)
  5. 5. Select the database for which the new driver is required.
  6. 6. Click the ‘Setup Connection…’ button in the main screen.
  7. 7. In the ‘Provider’ tab, select the new driver.
  8. 8. In the ‘Connection’ tab, click ‘Test Connection’ to ensure your setup is successful.
  9. 9. Click ‘OK’ to exit.
  10. 10. Select File-> Save to ensure that Configurator records and preserves your changes.

Database connectivity should now be restored. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at

Prior Versions of MPI Stylus Pro

While MPI always recommends updating to the latest version, we maintain a number of past version pages for clients who wish to review specific features added during each release cycle.

11.5 | 11.4 | 11.3 | 11.2 | 11.1 | 11.0