Some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services.

Using the Application

What is the best way to learn the software?

We recommend that all users visit our Document Library and walk through our New User Quick Guide prior to pursuing their goals in the application: Getting Started in MPI Stylus Pro – New User Quick Guide. Once you complete this step, please review our Training options online.

Can I share files and databases with my team?

Yes. It is generally recommended that teams operate on a network/workstation setup for efficient sharing of files and databases. In addition, you can directly share files by sending them to other users. Note that some users may have local settings and custom configurations, color palettes, or database setups that may cause study files, charts, tables, etc., to look or behave differently.

Can I use/upload my own data?

All users can link Excel data into their application. (Instructions may be found in our Document Library). In addition, Advanced Database subscribers may link in ODL, Access, SQL, and other databases. Note that this data is linked to the application (not uploaded/stored), and will need to be configured for each user, and updated by your team.

What are the system requirements for MPI Stylus Pro?


Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP, 2000/NT or higher1 Windows 101
CPU speed 1GHz 2GHz Dual Core or higher
Network speed 100 Base T Gigabit LAN
Monitor Resolution 1024×768 1280×1024
Memory/RAM 512 MB 2GB
Free Drive Space 1 GB2 10 GB2
Other Default printer set to physical hardware device, not a virtual device

1. Please be aware that MPI Stylus Pro is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit Windows platforms. Stylus is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, and 2016, and both the 1997-2003(.xls) and Office 2007 (.xlsx) file formats.

2. It is very important to note that your required hard drive space will be dependent on your data requirements. Multiple database subscriptions can significantly increase the hard drive space requirements for mpi Stylus Pro beyond what is recommended above. In addition, some clients make use of additional files (such as Excel, Access, images, etc.) that you may want to consider in your calculations on storage space.

3. The default printer may be set to a valid printer driver installed on the local machine. We recommend using virtual drivers for Microsoft XPS or Adobe PDF in the event of issues with the physical printer driver.

Custom consulting solutions through MPI may also change requirements (this will generally have been outlined in your consulting statement of work documentation).

If you are unsure of the hard drive space for your installation, you may want to check with your key user or examine previous installations at your firm. If you are still unsure, please contact us at support@markovprocesses.com.

Is Stylus Pro supported for use on Apple Macs, MacBooks, and other non-Windows products?

MPI Stylus Pro was designed for the Windows operating system and does not support other operating systems, including that which is used on Mac products.

We recommend that Mac users (or other non-Windows users) consider a third-party product to create a virtual environment in non-Windows operating systems, allowing users to run Windows software on a Mac, Linux or Android. There are open-source options (like “VirtualBox”, “Wine”, “QEMU”) and commercial products (like “Parallels Desktop”, “CrossOver”, “VMWare Workstation”) available. MPI doesn’t recommend or support a specific product, but clients have reported success with solutions like these in the past.

Account Information

How do I add a new user?

To add a new user, contact your Account Manager or reach out to us at support@markovprocesses.com.

How many licenses does my firm have? Who is our Account Representative?

Your firm should have a designated key user who oversees your relationship with MPI. This individual will have access to this information. If you are not certain, please reach out at support@markovprocesses.com.

My license expired. How do I get a new one?

You should have received an updated license upon renewal, and may wish to check with your key user. You may also email us at support@markovprocesses.com for assistance.

How do I subscribe to a new advanced package or database?

For advanced packages, please contact us at support@markovprocesses.com. For 3rd-party databases, please refer to this information on our Data page, located here.