For Regulators

MPI provides regulators with powerful tools to monitor their jurisdiction for simple or complex high-risk funds requiring closer examination with our advanced quantiative analytics.

MPI’s proprietary solutions provide regulators including the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) with advanced systematic tools to monitor thousands of investments for red flags and quickly target “high risk” funds for a range of performance, risk, and fee-related concerns.

Our core services allow regulators to quickly sort through the noise of large fund universes to determine potential funds for review, as well as to form a better understanding of hidden levers or factor movements that may be influencing broader industry behavior.

Understand Fund Exposure

Traditional Strategies

Quickly confirm traditional funds’ broad drivers of performance and risk using our leading Returns-Based Style Analysis (RBSA) tools. Our unmatched speed and automation capabilities will rapidly detect outliers so your team can focus resources on the highest-risk funds.

Complex Strategies

Dynamic Style Analysis ™ (DSA) modeling delivers precise exposure/beta analysis even for funds with short return histories or that engage in complex behaviors such as leveraging, shorting, etc. This can be a critical first step for deep regulatory investigations into non-transparent investment products.

Market Indices

Access to thousands of market indices from around the world, allowing regulators to zero in on specific fund behavior by creating models with the highest explanatory power regardless of country, fund focus, or investment behavior.